Welcome to our school!

FULL DAY Kindergarten for SY 2015/2016

We are excited to announce that Kindergarten for next year will be full day, as it passed in Tuesday’s election! If you or someone you know has a child who will be five years old on or before September 30, 2015, please register your child prior to April 17th.   Kindergarten Connection will be taking place on May 15th. If you have already called us, thank you!


Bridgewater-Hebron VIllage School has been selected for inclusion in the Commissioner’s Circle of Excellence, recognizing schools and districts that aspire towards excellence by being bold and innovative in order to provide the best educational opportunities possible for our children.
Virginia Barry, NH Commissioner of Education;  Dana Andrews, B-HVS Principal; Stacy Buckley, NASD Superintendent

2015 Winter Program

Winter Program for grades 2 - 5

The students had a great time at Loon this year.  We want to thank the following parent chaperones for their dedication to this wonderful program: Kenny Braley, Kory Braley, Tyler Braley, Jason Robert, Tracey Avery, Dominic and Danielle Halle, Mike and Stephanie Bednaz, Kirsten Carruth, Nate Hershberger, Kieran Murphy, Alisha Willey, and Carolynn Monahan.


This popular fundraiser is due to begin on April 6, 2015.  Students love showing off their artwork.  Look for more information coming soon.


Our children enjoyed the educational and energetic TIGER performance "I've Got Your Back".  This show helps children to tackle the difficult issues of disrespect, teasing and bullying, through empowering the bystander.  
Please ask your child about the TIGER show and what todo if they witness actions that are not kind, T = Take Action, I = I can say "no", G = Get Help, E = Empathy and R= Respond to Respect.  This message is about standing up and making a difference.

Smarter Balance Assessments for
Grades 3 - 5

Newfound students will be taking the Smarter Balanced Assessments in Mathematics and English Language Arts.  Refer to Mr. Andrew's letter explaining how to help your child prepare for them. 


See What's growing in our greenhouse...

It's nice and toasty in our greenhouse!  We have lots of wonderful plants growing.  Spring has sprung!

B-HVS Lost & Found

Our Lost & Found is overflowing!  There are lots of mismatched mittens & gloves.  Please have your child check to see if any of the items belong to them.  The next time you visit the school you may want to check it out as well. The B-HVS Lost & Found is located in the front lobby.