2010-2011 Staff

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Gail Lynch, Grade1
Vanessa Robert, Grade 1
Amy Smith, Grade 2
Nancy Stock, Grade 2
Shannon Tower, Grade 3
Christine Roman, Grade 3
Angie Bergholm, Grade 4
Jason Jenkins, Grade 5
Susan Peterson, AM Kindergarten/Academic Interventionist
Karen Wolff, PM Kindergarten/Reading Recovery
Debbie Guillotte, Pre-School
Theo Denoncour, SPED Director
Valerie Kehoe, Literacy Specialist
Melisa Scott, ICT Specialist
Denise Plante-Renaud, Art
Judi Bird, Music
Raegan Kernen, Physical Education
Paula Tracy, Speech Assistant
Mary Hazelton, Math Boost
Janice Barnard, SPED Paraprofessional
Rhonda Morrill, SPED Paraprofessional
Julie Bowler, SPED Paraprofessional
Elizabeth Card, Academic Interventionist
Cheryl DeLage, 1:1 SPED Aide
Allison Stickney 1:1 SPED Aide
Lindsie Lemieux: 1:1 SPED Aide
Rebecca Gould, 1:1 SPED Aide
Regina Gilpatric, 1:1 SPED Aide
Mary Cote, Kitchen Manager
Shirley Gilpatric, Kitchen Helper

25 School House Road, Bridgewater, NH  03222 /  Phone:  603-744-6969, Fax:  603-744-9747