Press Release

SAU#4 Hires Stacy Buckley, Superintendent


Mr. Dan Rossner

Business Administrator


Bristol, NH – Monday, March 18, 2013 --

The Newfound Area School Administrative Board is pleased to announce the successful negotiation and execution of a contract engaging Ms. Stacy Buckley currently residing in Concord, NH to be the Superintendent of Schools for SAU #4. Presently, Newfound is a single co-operative district serving the towns of Alexandria, Bridgewater, Bristol, Danbury, Groton, Hebron and New Hampton with six (6) physical buildings that house a population of about 1,250 students, down from 1,309 at the start of the school year in October, 2012.

Buckley was chosen from a large pool of 16 initial candidates received as the result of work performed for the district by the professional educational search firm, NESDEC (New England School Development Council).

“A 14 person Screening Committee that consisted of a wide variety of public officials, citizens, staff, parents, school administrators and principals as well as two (2) of seven School Board members were given the challenging task of selecting candidates it felt could effectively or successfully perform in the role as our Superintendent,” said Vincent Paul Migliore, SAU and School Board Chairman for the district.

With independence and little restriction, the Screening Committee narrowed its choices to a first round of in-person interviews after screening all applications received. Charged with maintaining confidentially throughout and forever after the process to avoid any personal liability of non-compliance with RSA 91-A:3, II(b), the Screening Committee presented four candidates , each of whom it felt could lead the district for the SAU Board to consider, fulfilling its legal obligation to make the actual choice. Ms. Buckley became one of three finalists for the position who visited all the schools, met with staff and some interested members of the public, and who were all publically interviewed by the Board.

“We tried hard to keep the process consistent for each of the finalists we considered,” Migliore said. “We wanted to have a thorough and sound basis to compare each of the candidates equally and fairly to make the best possible decision on behalf of the children in our district.”

It was clear that Buckley had the skill set to match our District needs, including:

years of experience in special education, beginning with her time as a school psychologist and then a special education director in the Belmont School District and SAU#19. Experience at the administrative level – all within the state of NH, beginning with her time as an Assistant Superintendent, Interim Superintendent and then as Superintendent for SAU #19 for the past several years.

Her expertise includes working with a fiscally conservative budget but keeping academic performance high and technology new and relevant. It also included the inherent challenge in working with four (4) different school boards, and a total of 19 independent-minded members, while overseeing the construction of a new preschool/kindergarten building, and also overseeing the construction of a new wing on an old school the community did not want to see closed.

“The Board felt a kinship to the challenges she faced in her current SAU and believed the seasoning and full breadth of experience gained throughout an entire K-12 district in managing those issues would position her to serve us well here in Newfound,” concluded Migliore.

Buckley expressed a sincere desire to continue her work as a Superintendent, and to do so here in Newfound. She wanted that work to be in a small school district, rural in nature, and ideally with a single school board so that she can be in the classroom more and become an integral part of its community and settling for more than the title role, something the Newfound Board found attractive in her credentials and prior commitments to each of her experiences. She also clearly articulated an understanding of the district, its strengths and challenges, and had a proven and strong working relationship with police and firefighters for keeping students safe as well as healthy.

Migliore added, “We believe Stacy is committed to us. She is the right person for the job, and we know everyone is eager to extend an open hand in joining us as we welcome the chosen one out of several strong options our broadly-configured Screening Committee had, to take on this important role as our Superintendent of Schools.”