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Physical exam requirements

Current physical examinations will be required for all students upon entry into the following:  Preschool, grade K/1, grade 5, grade 7, grade 9, and transfer students from outside the State of NH.  Students transferring from within the State of NH will be required to have a physical examination that is grade appropriate.  A current physical exam is defined as being less than one year old and is acceptable.  If completed by a Medical Doctor, Doctor of Osteopathy, Advanced Registered Nurse practitioner or Physician Assistant.  A written copy of the current exam is due upon entrance into the above grades and within 30 days of admission for transfer students.  it must indicate whether or not the student is eligible for sports/physical education and any restrictions as they may apply to the student.

    Students without a current physical examination as stated above will be excluded from school until an acceptable report of the exam has been received.

    School physicals will be provided by the office of the school physician when necessary with written parent/guardian consent.  The cost, if any, will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

    For exemptions, see RSA 200:32, "No physical examination shall be required of a child whose parent or guardian objects there to in writing on the grounds that such physical examination is contrary to the child's religious tenets and teachings."