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Medication During the School Day


    Any pupil who is required to take a medication prescribed by a licensed physician during school hours, shall be assisted (*) by the school nurse or another member of the school staff, so designated by the building principal, subject to the school district having received and filed with the student health record:

        *  A written statement from the prescribing physician detailing the method of taking, the dosage, and the
            time schedule to be observed.

        *  A written authorization (request) from the parent or guardian of the pupil indicating the desire that the 
            school assist the pupil in the matters set forth by the physician's statement, accompanied by a 
            "Hold Harmless" release, signed by the parent or guardian.

        *  The prescribed medication is to be sent to school in its original container, unopened.

 (*) Clarification - Having the required medication available to the student as needed, and observing the student as 
he/she takes or does not take his/her medication.  Precautions on care and recording of medication are included in 
the guidelines on file in the office.

    Please note:  although we discourage the dispensation of non-prescribed medication, if it is deemed necessary by 
you as a parent/guardian and the health office, you will need to provide written permission and provide the medication in its original container unopened.  You will continue to be called for each situation.

    Any pupil in grades K-5 under the above regulation must be assisted by such persons and the medications, therefore, shall be in the custody of such persons.  Students may not have any medication in their possession.

    If it is necessary for you to dispense medication to your child during the school day, it must by dispensed in the health office for school liability purposes.

    Please refer to School Board Policies JHCD and JHCD-E