General Information

Students are allowed to ride bicycles to school, if the following rules are observed:
*the student must bring a note from home giving him/her permission to ride the bicycle to school.
*Bicycles should be walked on school property.
*No person less than 16 years of age may operate or ride upon a bicycle on a public way unless he or she wears protective headgear of a type approved by the commissioner of health and human services.

School Property - Books/Materials
We are proud of our schools and expect that students will respect all that we have.  however, if a student willfully or maliciously damages school property, including textbooks and/or library books, the damages will be reimbursed by the person responsible, or in the case of minors, by parents/guardians.

Field Trips
Field trips are taken to supplement the curriculum at different grade levels and provide enriching experiences for our students.

A Health Information form will be sent home at the beginning of school; a Field Trip Permission form will be sent home prior to each planned field trip.  These forms MUST BE COMPLETED IN FULL and returned in order for your child to attend any field trip.  For your child's safety, no exceptions will be made.

If you do not wish your child to participate, please notify your child's teacher or Principal in writing.  Your child will be considered absent on that school day.  When a parent/guardian volunteers to drive his/her own vegicle on a field trip, it is necessary that the school office have on file a copy of their driver's license and verification of insurance coverage.  A minimum of $100,00/$300,000 limits of liability is required.

When a student has a medical condition that would warrant concern on a field trip, you will be contacted and may be asked to accompany your child on the field trip.

In the event that a student's potential behavior on a field trip might constitute an unsafe situation, parents/guardians will be notified of our concern.  In that instance, parents/guardians will be asked to chaperone their children.  Field trips are a privilege that students earn.

Often on field trips we ask parents/guardians to assist in chaperoning.  The purpose of parents/guardians acting as chaperone is to assist all children in the activities and to ensure the safety of the children.  Younger siblings are discourage from attending field trips;  depending upon the nature of the trip they may be asked to not attend.  We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.  

4.  School Lunch/Breakfast
School breakfast and lunch are offered at each elementary school.  Milk is also available at recess and lunch.  All lunch and milk money will be collected for the entire week on Monday morning unless a child is absent.  In that case, it will be accepted for the remainder of the week when your child returns to school.

Snacks are also sold at the school at the morning break.  Please remind your child to purchase only one snack and one drink and that snacks are to be eaten at snack time only.

Guidelines will be sent home for free and reduced lunches.  Those who believe they are eligible should apply.  this information will be condifentially recorded at the District SAU Office.

Lost and Found
A great deal of time is spent during the school year trying to locate owners of lost articles of clothing, etc.  For this reason, your child's clothing and footwear should be clearly marked.  If your child does lose an article, please check the Lost and Found, which is located at your child's chool.

All articles in Lost and Found will be emptied on a monthly basis and any unclaimed articles given to Bristol Community Serices.  Announcements will be made to this effect and students will be given ample opportunity to check through the articles for anything that might belong to them.

Visits to School
We welcome and encourage parents/guardians to visit school.  If you wich to visit a specific classroom at a specific time, please call the school and make arrangements for your visitation.  We ask that any time you do visit school that you check in at the office and obtain a "Vistito's Pass" before proceeding to your destination.  All doors, with the exception of the door nearest the office, will be secured during the day for safety reasons.

Visitors will not be permitted to enter the classrooms without first obtaing a Visitor's Pass from the office.

Visitng Students
We welcome students from other schools to visit with us.  Prior approval by the Principal and classroom teacher is necessary.  Parents/guardians will be asked to complete a "Student Emergency Information" form prior to the visit.

Parent/Teacher Organizations
All interested parents/guardians and fiends are urged to join your school's parent group.  These groups support the schools in many ways, by providing volunteer assistance and also by providing funds to enhance programs.

School Volunteers
We welcome and encourage parent and community volunteers.  Volunteering opportunities can be found at each school.