Emergency Process

Fire Drill
Fire drills will be scheduled by the Principal each month during the school year.  The purpose of a fire drill is to train students, under staff direction, to move safely, quickly and quietly from any location within the building to an assigned evacuation area outside.  The following rules and procedures will be complied with in all schools.
*rules for fire evacuation will be posted in each room.  These rules will indicate the primary and alternate exits and the evacuation area to which all occupants should proceed upon leaving the building.  The posted rules will be discussed with each class using the room, during the first day(s) of the school year.  
*A distinct fire alarm signal will be used for fire drills only; another signal will be established by the principal for return to class.
*No person is to remain in the building during fire drills.
*Evacuation areas will be at least 50 feet (100 feet, if possible) away from buildings and out of driveways.
*It is each student's responsibility to move quickly, quietly and in an orderly manner through the assigned exit to the assigned evacuation area.
*The teacher will be responsible for:
    1.  Assuring that windows are closed.
    2.  Assuring that electrical circuits are turned off.
    3.  Maintaining order during the evacuation.
    4.  Assigning students to hold the doors open, if their group is the first to evacuate from such doors;  instructing students holding doors to rejoin the class after the last person has passed through the doors.
    5.  Taking the roll book and checking roll when the class is in the assigned evacuation area.  The name of any student not accounted for will be reported immediately to the principal or his/her designee.

*The exercise will be observed, recorded and reported by the principal.

 Bomb Threats
In the event a threat is received that a bomb has been placed in a school or any other District building or establishment, the following procedures are required:
*The Principal or designee shall evaluate the threat.
*The Fire and Police Departments shall be notified immediately.
*a search of the building or premises shall be conducted under the direction of the Principal or the senior officer from either protective department, if present.  All officers, firefighters and custodians of the building should assist in the search.
*The school or buildings shall be evacuated by order of the Principal or designee.
*If nothing is found following a thorough search, re-entry will be permitted.
*Investigation of the incident should be made by the local police department, assisted by the State Police, if requested.

Any decision concerning the dismissal of school pupils and subsequent action after the above procedures have been followed is the prerogative of the Superintendent.


    *Immediately after a call is received, the Principal shall be notified.  The person receiving the call shall write down what was said, plus any other information.
*The Principal shall write down the time of the call.
*The decision regarding appropriate action under the circumstances will be made by the Principal, after consultation with the Superintendent.
*Fire drill procedures will be followed.
*The overall safety of all students will be the underlying basis for all decisions.
*The students will not be dismissed except in cases of extreme concern.

Lock Down
In case of a volatile intruder, a "lock down' will be initiated.  The following procedures are required:
*Announce "lock down" over the intercom.
*Everyone reports to the closest classroom as quickly as possible.
*Teachers take a sweep of the hallway and take any student into the room if they are near the classroom.
*Teachers close and lock classroom doors and windows.
*Close drapes and/or shades and stay away from windows.
*Students and teachers should be under desks or in a corner out of sight of the door/window.
*Students not in their classroom are to report to the closest classroom that has not been locked.  If students are unable to make it to an unlocked classroom, students should find a place to hide and be very quiet.
*Attendance is taken quietly and quickly after the room is locked down.  No one is allowed to enter or exit any room until instructed to do so.
*When the lock down is over, an announcement will be made stating, "Lock down is over."
*Parent notification will be sent home with students on the day of an actual lock down.

 Sheltering in Place
In the case of visible smoke, vapor cloud, or dire outside of the school building or a safety hazard reported by the police or fire department, the following procedures are required:
*announce "sheltering in place" over the intercom.
*Everyone reports to the assigned classroom as quickly as possible.
*Office staff hangs "sheltering in place" sign on the entrance door.
*Close, lock and then stay away from classroom doors and windows.
*Custodians in the building will turn off pilot lights, air conditioners and exhaust fans.  Teachers will do the same for their individual room equipment.
*Teachers and support staff take attendance.
*Tape around doors, windows and vents or place wet towels at bottom of door.
*Electricity will be left on.  Intercoms, radios and televisions may be used for getting information during the shelter in place.
*No one will enter or exit rooms until instructed to do so.
*When sheltering in place is over, an announcement will be made stating "shelter in place is over."
*Parent notification will be sent home with students on the day of an actual shelter in place.