Academic Information


The Newfound Area School District has developed curriculum in all disciplines.  Each classroom teacher has a copy of the curriculum and a copy is kept in the office.

Parent/Guardian Curriculum Guide
Parents/guardians will be provided in the fall with a Parent/Guardian Curriculum Guide which outlines grade-level curriculum expectations.

Homework:  A Family/School Partnership
Homework is a partnership between family and school, working together to provide a sound and successful educational experience.  Homework is used to expand the child's learning day.  Homework assignments that reinforce, encourage and challenge are employed throughout our academic programs.
*An assignment to be completed by students outside of class.
*Assigned to develop good study habits and time management.
*Used to reinforce skills and classroom objectives.
*Designed to encourage learning.
*Related to student's needs and abilities.
*Linked to instilling a sense of responsibility.
*An opportunity for parents/guardians to become involved in their child's education
*Not to be used as punishment.

Grade Level Suggestions and Guidelines
*Kindergarten-Family fun activities will be sent home occasionally to enhance and reinforce classroom activities.
*Grade 1 - Up to 60 minutes per week.
*Grade 2 - Up to 70 minutes per week.
*Grade 3 - Up to 80 minutes per week.
*Grade 4 - Up to 90 minutes per week.
*Grade 5 - Up to 100 minutes per week.

Student's Responsibilities:
*Know assignments.
*Complete and turn in assignments on time.
*Understand that failure to complete homework will affect student progress.

Parents/Guardians' Responsibilities:
*Provide a place to work.
*Compliment, encourage, show an interest.
*Contact teacher if assignments are causing problems.

Teacher's Responsibilities:
*Assign work that is meaningful.
*Give assignments based on the needs of the student.
*Assess and return assignments.
When students are negligent with homework, consequences may include:
*Sending home reminders.
*Sending home warnings.
*Staying in for recess to do the work.
*Conferencing with the parents/guardians and student to develop a plan.

In order to help assist students with homework needs, each elementary school has information on after school programs either at your child's school or within the community.  These programs provide academic support and enrichment opportunities.  Please contact the school for more information.

Conferences/Progress Reports
Elementary teachers engage students and their parents/guardians in conferences throughout the school year. Upper grade parents/guardians participate in Student-Led Conferences.  During Student-Led Conferences the student leads the conference and the teacher acts as a facilitator. Parents/guardians of primary age children participate in Student Involved Conferences.  During this conference format, the teacher directs the conversation and the child explains his/her work samples and answers questions.

 Newfound Area Elementary Schools Media Center Procedures
The B-HVS library is open during the school day for students to patronize.  Students may borrow a book during their class library period or as opportunities allow. 

Students borrowing library materials (books, videos, tapes, etc.) will be expected to be responsible for these expensive items while they are checked out of the library.  Third, fourth, and fifth graders have the privilege of borrowing videos on an "overnight only" basis.

During the first part of June, the library staff will begin to gather borrowed materials to assure that all items are returned prior to the close of school.  We will work closely with your child to see that his/her materials are returned.  Our goal is to assist your child in gaining responsibility.  You may be contacted if your child has not returned materials in a timely fashion.  Library materials that are not returned must be paid for by the student/family so that the materials may be replaced. The library staff appreciates your support in assuring that all library materials are returned for use the following year.

Computer Information Systems
The Newfound Area School District (hereafter referred to as the District) provides resources for teaching and learning, communication services and business data services by maintaining access to local, regional, national and international sources of information.  The public trusts that each member of the school community will use the District's computer information resources with care and respect and in accordance with the policies and regulations established by the District. Only authorized users may use District information networks and the network shall not constitute a public forum.  This policy/agreement does not attempt to articulate all required and proscribed behavior by computer information systems users.

The District will endeavor to provide a secure and wholesome Internet environment.  However, it is possible that a user will be able to find ways to circumvent Internet access limits and controls.  For that reason, parents will be warned of the potential availability of offensive material on the Internet and students and parents will both be advised that the student is ultimately responsible for his/her own conduct on the Internet.  The permission of a parent/guardian is required before minors may use the District's computer information systems.

Upon entry into the school, the Computer Information System Acceptable Use Agreement will be sent home and completed. This agreement will be valid throughout the child's elementary school experience.